Project Blog 1

Let’s start this one back up again.

In the upcoming weeks this will be the place to find updates on my current work with the project currently known as Alien Station.

I will act as the Leading Artist on the project witch gives me responsibility for the over all look of the end product.



The concept for the game is that it will be a story driven sci-fi adventure about a human being dragged in to a mystery with conspiracy and strange characters on a space station circulating a gas giant.

The look of the game will be a mix of old noir, practical creature design and a few elements of cyberpunk.

The game is in 2D and will be controlled with mouse and keyboard.

The background is static but will be interchangeable. All of them will be drawn by my talented co-artist Bea (

As of my art. It will mostly consist of character design and animation.

More on that in its own post.
See ya.

Project Blog 1


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